David v Goliath Economy- who wins ?

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Who wins creatives or wheeler dealers ?

Old style legendary dealmakers like Howard Hughes or Ted Turner got their kicks from creating corporations that were successful and made them plenty of dollars. These days it is far more difficult for a self made man or women to get rich from “doing deals “.

Todays deal makers are young entrepreneurs who are more likely to be bloggers or voggers or tech folk who build fortunes on the back of their own inventiveness.Who could disagree for the need to earn a living and support your family or pay the rent ?.But do they enjoy it, does it give them satisfaction and is a deal creative?

So what of the creative individuals who are often variedly described as rebellious, rule breakers or independent thinkers.The designers who work on products from fashion to magazines, actors, dancers and musicians who entertain people who create and provoke thought or photographers capturing images for all sorts of purposes. Many of whom toil away for years with little financial reward only their artistic satisfaction is this the equivalent of the adrenalin rush of the deal maker.

Creativity is everywhere these days with crowdfunding sites helping to fund a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people for everything from film production to a craft beer. This in its self is creative being an alternative to traditional banks and corporate shareholders.

So we are in this David and Goliath economy with the larger global players eventually snapping up the smaller creative companies.But that still leaves the creative individuals and the freelancers and thank goodness as they are much more fun to work with.

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