Where can you hire a hacker ?

Posted: December 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sony Pictures decision to cancel the screening of The Interview a film about Kim Jong-un of North Korea has stirred up many questions. The cyber attack that Sony Pictures suffered resulted in e-mails being made public that they probably would have preferred to remain private and along with the threat to any cinema that showed the film it is of course an affront to the freedom of speech.

Last year hackers calling themselves the Dark Seoul Gang attacked the systems of South Korean banks and television stations with methods supposedly similar to the attack on Sony Pictures. The US President Barack Obama criticised the Sony Picture cancellation but as we know from the revelations of Edward Snowden various countries are not opposed to a bit of hacking when need be and of course when certain parts of the print media need to shift a few extra copies a bit of celebrity hacking comes in handy. All this despite encryption and levels of security beyond most of our comprehension it does not seem to deter states, corporates or media hacking into private emails and gathering information the victim would prefer to remain secret.

So where does this leave the lowly individual who has a grievance against the establishment or a citizen they are unhappy with,perhaps a noisey neighbour who won’t turn down their music. Could the solution be a few personal emails being made available to people who were not intended to see them ?. How long before we start to hear the question ” where can I hire a hacker” …. the answer of course is on the internet … just a thought.

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