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Where can you hire a hacker ?

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Sony Pictures decision to cancel the screening of The Interview a film about Kim Jong-un of North Korea has stirred up many questions. The cyber attack that Sony Pictures suffered resulted in e-mails being made public that they probably would have preferred to remain private and along with the threat to any cinema that showed the film it is of course an affront to the freedom of speech.

Last year hackers calling themselves the Dark Seoul Gang attacked the systems of South Korean banks and television stations with methods supposedly similar to the attack on Sony Pictures. The US President Barack Obama criticised the Sony Picture cancellation but as we know from the revelations of Edward Snowden various countries are not opposed to a bit of hacking when need be and of course when certain parts of the print media need to shift a few extra copies a bit of celebrity hacking comes in handy. All this despite encryption and levels of security beyond most of our comprehension it does not seem to deter states, corporates or media hacking into private emails and gathering information the victim would prefer to remain secret.

So where does this leave the lowly individual who has a grievance against the establishment or a citizen they are unhappy with,perhaps a noisey neighbour who won’t turn down their music. Could the solution be a few personal emails being made available to people who were not intended to see them ?. How long before we start to hear the question ” where can I hire a hacker” …. the answer of course is on the internet … just a thought.

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Mystery still surrounds the death of Dag Hammarskjold the UN secretary general who died in a plane crash while on his way to negotiate a ceasefire in the breakaway African republic of Katanga in 1961.

Many conspiracy theories abound as to who was responsible and what actually happened but there were claims that Hammarskjold was found on the ground shot with an ace of spades on his collar.

The ace of spades in old legend and folklore is known as the death card.

Soldiers of the American 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment had the ace of spades symbol painted on the side of their helmets during the second world war for good luck. Some years later, in the Vietnamese war, or American War depending on whose side you were on, US troops believed that Vietnamese tradition held the symbol to mean death and ill fortune. So it was common practise to leave an ace of spades on the bodies of dead Vietnamese which Hollywood picked up on with the card scene from Apocalypse Now.

A deck of cards of the most wanted Iraqi’s were issued to American soldiers during Operation Iraqi Freedom, what card was Saddam Hussein ? you got it the ace of spades.

Jay Z loves Armand de Brignac champagne so so much even at €300 a bottle he bought the company and the bottle is known as ?……. the ” Ace of Spades “. Check out Jay Z Show Me What You Got on youtube featuring the ace of spades symbol and ooohhhh those cars, are you watching how to do it Jeremy Clarkson ?.

Hey and what about Lemmy of Motorhead ” The Ace of Spades ” ……… card games will never be the same again…. just a thought

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Turning to the back of a recent magazine I read the obituary of Baby Doc Duvalier who appears to have been a nasty piece of work and  followed his much feared father in ruling Haiti in 1971.

There was no election campaign only a referendum that endorsed the choice of Jean Claude ( Baby Doc ) Duvalier by 2,391,916 to one. This started me thinking who was the one, did he survive ? did he stand in opposition ?.

Maybe he/she was the Haitian equivalent to Russell Brand with whom I agree on the majority of the sentiment of his beliefs but I cannot quite see what you achieve by not voting. As recent independence votes have shown that if you have something heart felt to put a cross against you turn out on windy nights. The solitary vote in Haiti had little effect as Baby Doc ruled until 1986 when he was forced to leave the country due to food riots, are you reading Duncan Smith, but during his rule the people endured many years of suffering.

So perhaps whats missing is a man/woman who can stir the emotions and encourage us to raise a pencil to put a cross against the need for change as peaceful elections must surely be, in the UK at least, the answer, otherwise we will all be reading the back pages of the UK’s obituary.

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